Founder and CEO of Greenful

Toomas Allikas and Greenful  are revolutionizing textile waste management by offering a groundbreaking solution to a global crisis. Their unique value proposition lies in transforming vast amounts of textile and plastic waste into innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable construction materials. By doing so, they are addressing a critical environmental issue while delivering superior performance compared to traditional alternatives. Greenful has been selected as an Emerging Giant client of KPMG for long-term partnership globally.

Toomas Allikas' disruptive approach challenges the status quo in both textile waste management and the construction industry. By shining a light on the issues of waste, pollution, and unsustainable practices, he encourages a shift towards solution-oriented cooperation and environmental responsibility.

Toomas can speak to the challenges of the textile waste problem, the role of circular economy principles in addressing it, and the importance of collaboration and partnerships between industry, government, and civil society. He can also share his insights on the practical solutions that Greenful is using to transform waste into valuable and sustainable products.

If  Toomas' story and Greenful's mission align with your publication's values and interests,  we would be honored to collaborate with you on this feature.

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