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Founder & Ceo of Greenful

I am Toomas Allikas, a founder and CEO of Greenful Group, an impact company that develops and produces net-zero construction materials to solve the environmental burden of textile and plastic waste. 

I’ve been called a “disruptive rebel” - and it’s a label I’m happy to wear: perhaps it’s because my approach to all my projects revolves around a very simple formula and I’ve consistently reached top people through clear, honest and results-oriented communication. 

I’m a simple Estonian guy and build unbelievable relations through matching pain points, doing the simple things that solve seemingly complex problems. Yet, what we often see as the ‘big’ problems are just the smallest things people don’t want to talk about. I shine light on those for us all to see.

I research and study topics, then ‘push’ with direct questions aimed at understanding our mutual barriers and then, together, we devise solutions that work. With no-nonsense raw honesty, cutting straight to the bone on any issue, we’ll move more quickly and more efficiently towards our goals. 

I’m 100% clear about my ‘why’, only ever commenting on topics that I know about. Right now, my mission focuses on revolutionizing the recycling industry with effective solutions and real, practical new products that solve the global mismanaged textiles/plastics waste crisis we all face!


Greenful is a business born out of a problem, too much textile waste in the world and no way to dispose of it. The idea started when  I was experimenting with different waste materials in a climate-kick program. Textile waste was one stubborn problem without any solution but I found an answer and the Greenful Panel was invented!

We dedicate our lives to solving the textile waste problem and using the same innovative approach to defeat other waste issues globally. Today Greenful is still one of the very few real solutions to the millions of tons of textile waste in the world.

Greenful has been selected as an Emerging Giant client of KPMG for long term partnership globally. Our flagship product ‘Greenful Panel’ is a revolutionary, 100% eco-friendly load bearing recyclable construction panel made from textile and plastic waste, proven to perform superior to existing materials, and meet all EU requirements for green building in interior and exterior construction, furniture, flooring and many other areas.

If you fit into any of the following three categories, we really should have a very real conversation:
1. Investors. I want to extend my global network – I have a golden ticket for ROI!
2. High-level ministers responsible for handling waste problems in your countries – I’m your solution!
3. Large-scale waste generators, e.g. manufacturers of textiles, clothing, furniture, etc. – I can fix this!

I’m a totally tenacious disruptor, the guy who’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room. I look to shift the perspective away from blame culture and, instead, move more towards solution-oriented cooperation.

Reach me on – everything works when the right people meet at the right time.

What Clients & PARTNERS SayTestimonial

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    After my top management career in the fast fashion retail-business , I became interested in the sustainable fashion environment. Meeting Toomas for the first time was extraordinary he also changed his career after he became aware of the dark side of the textile industry. I was impressed by his knowledge as a 'non textile person' , his solution orientated approach to solve the waste issue not only for textiles but also for plastics and rubber (tires) and even more important also taking into account to realize real impact by thinking in volumes and processing/ developing products applicable for mainstream b2b markets and mainstream consumer markets. It was a no-brainer to support Toomas and his company to realize one of the first plants in the Netherlands on short term, as the beginning of a network of more Greenful panel factories in Eu and later on worldwide. Meanwhile I experienced Toomas as a real entrepreneur , with focus on the goals to be achieved , an enormous passion for the business , persistence getting things done with a real pragmatic and hands on attitude next to his good communication skills. I am proud being able to support him and I am pretty sure he will realize his sustainable , impact targets and solve a big part of our global waste problems with his Greenful concept!

    Pals Brust

    Co-founder, Up-Set Textiles

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    Toomas and his team are always acting very professionally. Answers come in time and the way to treat projects is really good. I appreciate and recommend to work together with Greenful. The product in their mind is a step into saving planet and giving waste a second life

    Erik Hagen

    Sales director, Weima Maschinenbau GMBH

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    Toomas is a man with a mission - to solve the European textile waste problem. This sounds like a huge task and many have tried their hands on it, without a success. I have a lot of trust in Toomas in actually solving parts of this large challenge. When I first spoke with him a few years ago, it seemed that his plans are not entirely realistic, but isn’t that how you recognize a great visionary? Now I see step by step his plans realizing, with projects in Finland taking shape and now first successes in the Netherlands. Having facilitated some contacts between him and the Dutch organisations, Toomas is very quick and professional in taking the next steps after the intro stage. Toomas has a passion for circularity and for saving the world in combination with strong drive for entrepreneurship. He has an ability to make plans into concrete steps that lead to results. He is used to and very comfortable in handling international business and contacts. Toomas is an excellent communicator and people’s person. He is a hands-on person with a competitive yet humble nature. Happy to support him in his mission to turn textile waste into circular products!

    Margot Roose

    Sustainable Economic Cooperation Officer , Embassy of Netherlands

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    Toomas is a true entrepreneur - with clear vision, heavy commitment and experience-based action plan to reach the goals. I have witnessed Toomas to develop disruptive business concepts in different fields of activities – consumer funding, circular economy and construction – all in the need of fundamental change of business logic and operational models. There is one word that describes him the best – “perseverance” – I have never worked with anybody else with the same degree of energy, focus and preparatory work. At the same time Toomas is open to advice and cooperation, and appreciates the efforts of his team mates. He has high ethical and quality standards for himself and also for the colleagues.

    Heidi Kakko

    Early stage investor & menrot

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    Toomas is a very dedicated entrepreneur, with a persistence and never ending energy to make his ventures materialize. He has a good sense of finding the needs in the market place. It is inspiring to work with him, which I do related to branding, launch and finding the right partners.

    Annette Rosencreutz

    Annette Rosencreutz, Founder and brand strategy expert at Brandflight &

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    I have been in the financial services industry for more than 25 years and worked all over the world with many different types of people. It is extremely rare that one meets what I call a genuine "entrepreneur", but I believe Toomas is just such a person. His entrepreneurial talents and drive are what has drawn me to him from the very beginning. I felt that the opportunity to work with him on such unique businesses that have a real impact on society do not come along very often in life - and that I wanted to be part of it. Just like a train moving at high speed, there is a momentum with Toomas that can't be stopped. The question is, do you step aside and let the opportunity pass you by, or also hop on board for the ride of your life

    Michael Vasileff

    CFA, CFO and Co-Founder Greenful Group

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    I have known Toomas for many years. What is true for many Estonians in general,is more than true for Toomas. The level of their IT knowledge and the ease to convert ideas into valuable tools rapidly must be in their genes. Toomas will always deliver and you will each time be surprised by the quality of what you get

    Claude Schettgen

    CEO - Economical Advisor REE Luxembourg

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    Toomas has vision, ambition and determination along with an enthusiasm to learn. All attributes of successful entrepreneurs. He has executed in the past and will certainly succeed again.

    Calum Cameron

    CEO, DP Innovation Labs CDP Innovation Labs

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