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Greenful announces an innovative new construction panel made of textile waste

Tallinn, Estonia, March 30, 2021 – Toomas Allikas, CEO of Greenful Group OÜ (“Formerly RETEX”), has just announced the introduction of the first construction panel made from recycled textile waste, the Greenful Panel. The company uses an innovative new manufacturing technology to make the panels which are stronger and more durable than traditional wood panels.

“Using this new proprietary manufacturing process Greenful has created a whole new class of building materials made from textile and plastic waste that are better performing than Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) but priced at the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) level” states Mr. Allikas. At the same time Greenful Panels is helping to solve two major problems in Europe, textile and plastic waste. “Our goal is to recycle 15% or more of the textile waste in Europe within 6 years. This is waste not incinerated or sent to landfills but recycled into an added value product!”

The Greenful panel is manufactured with a new process that has significantly lower pollution and CO2 footprint than existing structured wood panel products. Greenful uses no toxic chemicals, releases no pollutants, uses no water, and requires much less energy to produce than wood panels, thereby contributing to a healthier environment. The panel itself can be recycled into new product at the end of its useful life.

As part of the product launch, Greenful is reaching out to construction companies, architects, developers, and other industry participants to introduce the new panel. “We are sending out information, data and samples of the product for customers to examine and test. Everyone is quite excited to look at this completely new product!” 

In particular, customers focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly construction should be very interested in this new panel. According to Mr. Allikas, sales of the Greenful panel will start in the Nordic countries first within the next year and then across Europe.

Customers interested in receiving a sample (10cm x 20 cm) and product information should contact Greenful via the website order form:

A brief comparison of the panel’s mechanical strength to selected competitor products is provided below.

Bending strength (MOR)
Parallel to grain
Bending strength (MOR)
Perpendicular to grain 
Greenful Panel*29.029.0
Steico LVL X30.010.0
Metsawood LVL-Q32.07.0
Metsawood plywood (Spruce)23.810.4
Norbord OSB423.012.2
SwissKrono OSB427.519.0
Kronospan OSB320.010.0
Kronospan MDF20.020.0
Kronospan Particle Board11.011.0

* Test results from TalTech Laboratory of Mechanical Testing and Metrology

Greenful Group OÜ is an Estonian company that is establishing operations in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries. The company develops new construction materials from recycled textile, plastic and car tire waste.

Greenful products are: Greenful Panel, Greenful SIP and Greenful EcoTile.

All products are environmentally friendly, do not contain any toxic chemicals or pollutants, use no water in production and have sharply reduced CO2 levels compared to traditional building materials.

Greenful Group OÜ
Toomas Allikas, CEO
+372 53 123 123

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